Thursday, 15 September 2011

oh, student life...

It's 10 to 1 on a Thursday night/Friday morning and in usual student fashion I'm awake...waiting for my bread to rise!
In a way I'm looking forward to going back to Uni; a bit of routine, maybe having to set the alarm from time to time...but just looking at my new course handbooks fills me with fear about the amount of work to do!

My beloved University, the University of Sussex is celebrating its 50th birthday, and looking at some pictures from back then I'm glad to say its not lost its retro, anarchist vibe!

These coulda been taken yesterday!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Summer projects

With all my new found time, I am turning my attention to the interior of my new house-to-be as of August.
I've needed to make my own cushions for a whole year now and never got round to it...sooooooo, here goes!

After looking for fabric, I've developed an obsession for Riley Blake, which happens to be ridiculously expensive buuuuttttt...look how cutesy it is!

You could easily sew around some of the designs to highlight particular parts, or add buttons etc. to make a more customized cushion...and you could always make the leftovers into the cutest toy ever!

Off to a fabric shop in South Molton tomorrow to gather bits and bobs and then we'll see!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

As part of my effort to put off finishing these essays...found this!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Spring Clean

We finally got internet installed, by next Wednesday I won't have a ridiculous amount of work left to do...for at least a week, and the house is becoming increasingly mad looking by the day...
All I've done for the last few weeks is sleep, eat and work so I'm looking forward to Easter when I can sort out a few bits in the house that have been driving me mad!

On my list are:

  • Paint the cupboard and chest in the bedroom - I'm thinking bright red
  • Sort out our collective paperwork - bank stuff, takeaway know, important stuff
  • CLEAN - wow, shock
  • Get the patio ready for summer - this may include cleaning off the dead bird blood which is currently staining the concrete...long story
Might need to employ the help of all the visitors we're having over Easter, I can't wait!

For now...I'm going to carry on enjoying my super duper birthday present...
Oh, and writing my essay...
And yes, that is a Meerkat statue in the background, wonderful and thoughtful present!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Home sweet...when can we go on holiday again?

I have finally unpacked (about 2 hours ago...), recovered and found time to write about my amazing trip to Milan!
What an amazing city! The weather was beautiful on my birthday - really sunny and lovely and warm, which we were definitely not expecting! In the morning we did a bit of old-person sightseeing which included going up The Duomo, an absolutely maaa-assive church.  I'm not sure if its the years I spent being dragged to National Trusts as a child but I was able to appreciate it quite a bit! 
We climbed up the stairs (!) to the roof and took this picture looking down on the Piazza del Duomo - lovely, despite the amount of pigeons...
 Then in a less conventional move, we set off for the Milano Tattoo Convention!  It was so busy and had so many traders and artists that it took literally hours to look around! Found some amazing tattooists from all over the world and looked in about 1zillion sketchbooks - was on a particular hunt for candy skulls!
 Found some awesome tattooists - and also

Unfortunately they're both based abroad...but you know...could go on holiday again...?

Later on we had an amazing pizza for dinner and then got pretty happy drinking some €11 cocktails!  At the airport on the way home I bought ALOT of spirits and a bottle of Limencello to begin my own cocktail extravaganza!

Now all I need is a cocktail recipe book...!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

The next three days

I found out, albeit by mistake, that my super-duper boyfriend is taking me to Milan for my birthday weekend!
Since then I've been busy researching things to do and places to eat...and drink cocktails (apparently this is the 'done thing' in Milan and thought it would be rude not to participate)
I've got a big list together of sites to see and particular cafes - one serves over a hundred types of panini - oh yes, but one thing I'm really looking forward to is the Milan Tattoo convention which happens to be on this weekend!
After being taken to my first ever convention a few weekends ago by my sister, I've got the bug and can't wait to browse the stalls and hopefully buy a bit more artwork.

I got this from the Brighton convention and looove it - loving the idea of a candy skull tatto at the moment!

So I'll be posting some pictures from my trip after the weekend - by then I'll probably be incredibly poor as I've heard that in the 'Golden Quad' (where all the designer shops are) a hot chocolate can cost €10...erm...